CERN-Solvay Education Programme

The CERN-Solvay Education Programme is designed to engage high-school students from around the world with exciting education content related to the scientific activities conducted at CERN. Funded by the Belgian science company Solvay, this programme combines the unique advantages of both online and on-site learning at CERN. It aims at triggering, fostering and building up the interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and in STEM careers among high-school students. It is part of the education portfolio of Science Gateway, CERN's new flagship project for science education and outreach. On this website, you can find detailed information about each of the three levels which structure the programme:

  • A collection of short videos for social media linking DIY experiments to CERN physics and technologies
  • An online course for high-school students going beyond physics curricula to understand CERN physics and technologies
  • Student camps bringing thirty high-school students from around the world to CERN for a week-long immersive experience

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